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The Catchment Toolkit

The Catchment Toolkit aims to be the first port-of-call for catchment groups throughout Aotearoa. It is the home of the National Database of Catchment Management Resources.

Catchment Toolkit

The National Database of Catchment Management Resources

There are many great resources covering the ‘ins and outs’ of catchment management that have been created by numerous organisations through the country, we have created an online library that hosts all these fantastic catchment resources in one place.

The Catchment Toolkit also hosts the ACE Portal, where you can find all the information on the Aotearoa Catchment Extension project.

NZ Landcare Trust/Ngā Matapopore Whenua is a grassroots organisation supporting communities in beneficial land and water management practices.

We partner with rural communities, catchment and landcare groups and other organisations to make a tangible difference in the future of New Zealand’s waterways.

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