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Aotearoa Catchment Extension

Our goal is to provide a training programme tailored with expert advice to enhance the capability and skills of those working with catchment groups to futureproof the kaupapa and mahi for generations to come.

Aotearoa Catchment Extension

Learn no matter where you are in Aotearoa

The training takes place over three main pillars; an online learning platform, in-person Knowledge Hub events, and regional Communities of Practice.

ACE (Aotearoa Catchment Extension) will cover six topics:
➊   Freshwater Management in Aotearoa
➋   Strategic Leadership
➌   Integrated Farm to Catchment Scale Planning
➍   GMP and Mitigation Tools and Technologies
➎   Monitoring and Evaluation
➏   Engagement and Storytelling.

Knowledge Hub One:

  • Completed

Knowledge Hub Two:

  • Completed

Knowledge Hub Three:

  • The Knowledge Hub for Module Three – Intergrated Farm to Catchment Scale Planning is moving online! With the online module being set for release in mid-July, here is what you can expect to follow in the three webinars, plus the bonus Q and A session.

    Each webinar will be led by Sarah Dudin, around an hour in length, take place during the lunch hour and will be recorded for those unable to watch live.

    Webinar One, 12pm, 13 August 2024:
    Webinar One will cover the foundations of a farm plan, what is it and how it can be used in a catchment group. We will discuss how to approach some common parts of plans (step by step) and what implementation and monitoring can look like, as well as looking over some examples.

    Webinar Two, 12pm, 14 August 2024:
    We will now build on our knowledge of farm plans and discuss how they can help within your catchment group in Webinar Two. From identifying goals and monitoring for the catchment strategy, through to practical solutions such as managing sediment flow and erosion control, this webinar will give you the information you need to utilise the farm plans for a wider catchment context. We will hear from members of established groups and how they have used plans for catchment planning and outcomes.

    Webinar Three, 12pm, 15 August 2024:
    Webinar Three will give you the low-down on what tools are available for use through your farm plan development process and how they can support your catchment group. You’ll leave this webinar with a better understanding on how to utilise some of the common information sources available online such as Land Air Water Aotearoa, Land Information NZ, Regional Council websites and their CCCV’s, S-Map and more. We will look at some examples of how groups use this information for outcomes on farm.

    Q and A Session, 12pm, 21 August 2024:
    To round off our webinars for this Knowledge Hub, we’ll have a Q and A session with an expert panel. This is a chance for you to ask any questions you had along the way and dive deeper into a specific topic, as well revisiting areas we may have run out of time for! The panel will provide a wealth of experience from being involved with their catchment groups.

Knowledge Hub Four:

  • Will be held online in October and will be recorded

Knowledge Hub Five:

  • Will be held online in March 2025 and will be recorded

Knowledge Hub Six:

  • May 2025 - dates and locations to be confirmed

The Aotearoa Catchment Extension project is funded through Ministry for the Environment’s Essential Freshwater Fund (EFF). More information can be found here.

The ACE programme is a NZ Landcare Trust project, proudly funded by Ministry for the Environment and supported by Fonterra.

Meet the ACE Team

The ACE programme is a NZ Landcare Trust project.

Hannah Blake

National Capability Development Manager

Hannah has a background in media and communications and has a wealth of experience in business and community project management working in New Zealand and Australia. Hannah has a long history with NZ Landcare Trust, originally working as Communications Manager from 2018 to 2021. As National Capability Development Manager, Hannah works with a wide section of organisations, individuals and communities to run the ACE extension project. Hannah is based in Te Awamutu.

Hannah Blake
Casey Toa

Casey Toa

Capability Project Coordinator

Casey joined NZ Landcare Trust in 2023 to help coordinate the ACE programme. She has a background in media, events and communications and held roles in radio stations and central and local government organisations. Casey is based in Te Awamutu.

Registrations for the ACE Programme have now closed

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